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You have been trying to lock your most sensitive documents on file every night and encrypt all your electronic files with a password. But what about the information that is exchanged between employees on a daily basis? Do you have a confidentiality agreement? When you need it 

A confidentiality agreement governs the relationship between you and existing or potential business partners or employees. It is generally recommended that this type of agreement be used prior to entering into negotiations, interviews, or any other situation where confidential information or material is being exchanged. you can get some samples of legal documents online at

Safeguard measures for confidentiality agreements

A confidentiality agreement is important for the storage of proprietary information and must be enforced at all times if confidentiality is required. This agreement is best suited for situations where information needs to be exchanged between two parties but the public needs to be kept confidential. The number of scenarios in which a confidentiality agreement can serve as an important tool varies widely. One of the cases is when a network solution or software is provided or intellectual property is shared.

What’s in that agreement?

In general, most non-disclosure agreements should contain information about the parties involved, any clauses, and the confidentiality of that information. If either party needs to break the agreement, legal action can be taken. 

Confidentiality agreements for IT consultants can differ significantly from agreements for financial institutions. Some of the conditions may include:

* Secret material

* Use and care of confidential material

* Return of confidential material

* Treatment

* Request and / or hire employees

* Arbitration and legal fees

* Separation

* Bugs and changes

To better understand what an agreement entails, review the sample nondisclosure agreement. This will help you determine what you may need to include in your contract.

When Do You Need A Non Disclosure Agreement?