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If the person is exhibiting behavior that reveals some past trauma that can not be recalled or attached to each event, you may want to refer people to a professional counselor for a longer treatment. You can get more information about trauma counseling online at

While the incident or traumatic event can be terrible and can cause emotional damage to the person who produced excessive trauma. Healing from the effects of trauma is possible with the help of the right counseling and right counselors.

Often someone who is traumatized wonders if he loses his mind or even loses her. It can be very reassuring to encourage survivors that what he experienced was normal. People need comfort, acceptance, and a judgmental listening ear. 

A Career in Counseling: Areas of Specialization

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He wants to know that you can give him hope. He needs to feel emotionally safe with you as a counselor.  It is a long term and may involve individual or group counseling. Steps involved in counseling are:

Understanding the Nature of Trauma

Discuss what happens if all you can remember. Do this gently, as memories may be very painful. It does not allow for any denial of what happened or of feeling about what happened. Honesty is key. It can begin with a counselor, but might better be continued in support groups of victims of the same trauma.

Express Feelings

Expressing your feelings is real. If you have anger, the perpetrators of your trauma reveal it. This does not mean confronting them. There is a symbolic way, such as writing letters to actors who are not necessarily going to be sent, which can be just as strong. If you have experienced grief for the loss through trauma, express the sadness of it. 


Treatment Planning And Action Steps Against Trauma