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You know what you want to say, so hiring an editor before your book is ready can cause damage — there's every chance that you'll lose your vision for your book. You can also get the information about attractive books cover by clicking at:

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So, let's assume you've written the first draft, and are ready to edit.

1. Create an Outline from What You've Written

Your first step is to read through your book and create an outline from what you've actually written. Create the outline in another document, and print it out.

If you see gaps in the structure where you need material, mark these areas on the draft.

2. Use Index Cards to Rearrange the Structure of Your Book

It's a rare book that doesn't need major structural changes. Get a stack of index cards, and if you're writing fiction, write a sentence for each scene on a card.

Lay the cards out on a large table, or on the floor, and move scenes around.

3. For Fiction: Is There Suspense?

Rearranging your scenes is essential if you're writing a novel. You don't want to reveal too much too soon. Your book should keep up the suspense until the final page.

4. For Nonfiction: Do You Deliver on Your Promises?

If you're writing nonfiction, decide whether you deliver on the promises you made in the title, and in your book proposal.

This is easy to miss, believe it or not.

5. Cut Away the Undergrowth

Now you've got the structure of the book the way you want it, it's time to take a machete to the undergrowth. This can be hard, but steel yourself.

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