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A plumber is one of those guys then people call upon breakage of water pipes or sewer back up. However, plumbing has become a major industry that requires more skills than the realization of a pocket screwdriver and a couple of keys. 

It is a profession that employs people from all over the world to accomplish the mission critical tasks. You can also hire professionals for commercial plumbing services from various online sources. 

Let's take a look at the broader scope of what plumbers do.

People who want to become a plumber can get an associates degree. Some of the courses involved are the theory of piping systems, and instructions on the tools and equipment to use, and troubleshooting courses. 

Most of these schools include on the job training that allows the student to get real life experience in each of the different areas of the plumbing industry.

Commercial plumbers may be required to install, maintain and repair heating systems, pipes and institutional food transport hot water systems. 

When involved in hospitals, or manufacture of food handling, they must know the bacteriology and sanitation measures to prevent contamination of systems that provide facilities or food for humans. steam fittings can easily be a part of the installation and safety of new knowledge is needed.

A person with a plumber's degree can easily be employed with an oil company, where they help to organize pipelines of crude or maintain operations on oil rigs. 

They could also be used in installations such as nuclear plants where the fittings are essential to prevent a disaster.

Interesting Things To Know About Plumbing
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