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If you have an old flat roof commercial building, you most likely have an old asphalt roof. This roof surface is made of layers of paper and tar that have been piled on top of each other, which causes or causes many headaches over the years. 

They are usually made of felt or paper-lined with gravel. The gravel is theoretically meant to help keep the roof cool, which does little but makes repairs much more difficult, not to mention the extra weight that adds stability to your roof. If you are looking for a company to get the best asphalt coatings then get it via

Roof Replacement - 7 Signs That Now Is the Time - Bob Vila

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One of the biggest problems with asphalt surfaces is that they dry out and shrink, eventually causing the roof to crack and leak. If so, you will find that the roof surface may look like crocodile skin. 

To keep your asphalt roof in good condition, it needs maintenance. To achieve this, you need to cover your roof with asphalt at least every five years. Otherwise, this can lead to expensive and time-consuming repairs. 

Over the years, if you experience standing water, your important roofing oil will evaporate from the roof surface and will need to be recovered to maintain integrity. Then the process is sped up and your roof will likely be damaged.

How To Repair An Old Asphalt Roof?