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In the health sector, there is a growing need for standard and medical professionals to maintain complete documentation of all interactions with patients. There is a lot of privacy involved in the medical system for patient records handling.

These transcription companies that perform medical transcription are required to meet the minimum standard HIPAA compliance. For this, the HIPAA compliance support is necessary to maintain those records for a long time.

hipaa compliance support

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For reasons of confidentiality of the patient's name, only those who are directly involved in patient care should have access to patient records. This applies in particular to:

1. Direct care staff (RN, LPN, doctors and surgical staff, etc.)

2. The office staff (billing, confessing)

3. Support staff (imaging technicians, laboratory staff, social workers, etc.)

In some cases, groups or organizations outside may have patient information released to them – usually for legal purposes (law enforcement, lawyers, etc.). The nature of HIPAA has worked for several years in protecting the privacy of patients and staff who work with patients. 

Unfortunately, because of the nature of dictation transcription services (the staff can not always write everything down) should be brought in as well. As such, those transcription companies must also strive to maintain the confidentiality of patient records.

HIPAA Compliance For Transcription Companies