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As a driving instructor I get very frustrated with students coming to me from various driving schools as they are not well educated on driving. They appear to have spent their time behind the wheel only driving and talking about the weather, dinner, and songs; you name it anything but driving.

That is the reason why I’m writing this guide to let you people out there understand what you must be expecting from the driving teachers. You need to choose a professional instructor to ‘clear driving license examination’ (which is also known as ‘การสอบใบขับขี่ที่ชัดเจน in thai language).

  •         Each lesson should be on a specific topic, i.e. meeting visitors, junctions, roundabouts, important to minor roads, crossroads etc.
  •         You ought to be revealed diagrams that will assist you understand certain scenarios.
  •         In the close of each lesson you need to be informed how well you’ve done and exactly what the weakness would be, if any. You also need to be asked how you felt that the lesson went and so are you pleased with everything.
  •         Just as you want to get on with your man oeuvres you definitely shouldn’t be even trying them till you’re able to drive a vehicle,
  •         Ensure you’ve got the entire hour you’re paying for.
  •         Your teacher shouldn’t be stopping for coffee, eating whilst at the vehicle, or smoking.
  •         You need to be the only student in the auto.
  •         Do not nag your teacher to perform your exam before you’re prepared! Wait till he/she lets you know that you’re ready. On the other hand do not let them keep you hanging just because they want more cash.

 If you’re learning how to drive and still uncertain or have any queries concerning driving classes you are able to create a remark on our driving school website and I’m more than pleased to reply.


Have you chosen the right school or the right instructor for driving?