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You can use Facebook Messenger ChatBot to automate several functions on your Facebook profile. These functions include…

Friend Requests: Open up a new text chat with your friend. Once they accept, your message will automatically be sent to them through Messenger ChatBot. Create and manage conversations, list contacts, and make messages read-aloud for your friends.

Group Chats: Send messages from group chats directly to your friends in real-time. Show them the latest events in your group chats, read messages sent and received from your group chats, and reply to friends.

Shared Messages: Access your shared pictures, videos, and audio messages as they are being sent to your friends. Quickly share this information with others.

Reminders: Find out what everyone is doing by displaying the recent replies, upcoming meetings, or upcoming events in your group chats. See who is online and who is not. Reply directly to specific messages and use group replies to quickly see who else is available.

Invitations: Get alerts about new events, meetups, and online businesses that are popular. Remind yourself about upcoming dates and events. These activities can easily be scheduled and notified using chat bot.

Friend requests: Update your Facebook page with a new profile picture, update photos, and share pictures from your camera roll. Request and send friend requests to friends who you want to communicate with. Message your friends in groups by friends, allowing you to see who else is online and who is offline.

Media Sharing: Share videos, photographs, and audio files. View, edit and add to your digital photos and music library. Use Facebook Messenger Bot to send your friends to your photo gallery.

Interactive Games: Play games in your social network account. Compare your scores and watch friends' results as you play games together.

Reminders: Ask your friends to attend certain events, confirm and cancel appointments, and add to your calendar. Send reminders to your friends, so they won't forget to contact you. Add your friends to your in-app notification list so they can quickly get messages and updates when you don't have time to check your profile.

Reminders: Show your friends your next appointment and send out your flight schedule to friends who haven't confirmed. Schedule posts to your profile, so you don't miss an important event.

Facebook Messenger Bot makes the most of your time and communication. It automates most of the routine tasks that take place within your Facebook account while providing essential updates to keep your Facebook friends informed.

Facebook Messenger Bot Features