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There are several endometriosis infertility treatment options available to women who suffer as a result of this disease. The type of treatment recommended by an infertility expert is typically based upon the woman's age, severity of the disease, location, symptoms, and length of infertility.

Diet, Exercise, and other Natural Methods

There is quite a bit of online literature suggesting that diet, exercise, acupuncture, herbal remedies, and homeopathy can help control the symptoms of this disease. You can visit to get information about endometriosis awareness month.

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It is true that these types of endometriosis treatment modalities may help maximize the body's immune response and diminish active endometriosis. However, there has not been any scientific evidence to prove their efficiency in treating or reversing infertility in these women.


There are several research studies that have seen various types of drugs, especially hormonal drugs, for use as a treatment for endometriosis is infertility. Most of these drugs are intended to suppress endometrial growth and symptoms.

Operating procedure

Depending on the extent of the disease, surgery may be recommended. The aim of the surgical procedure is to remove one of the endometriosis and adhesions. Also, if the disease has cased damage to the reproductive organs surgeons will try to fix this as well.

Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

If a woman is not pregnant with assisted reproductive technologies mentioned above then assisted selection endometriosis treatment may be indicated. Endometriosis can cause damage to the reproductive organs, lower the quality of the eggs, damaging the fallopian tubes, blocking the release of follicle, and many other obstacles to pregnancy.

Endometriosis Infertility Treatment Options