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A business card is a representative of the company. It carries the identity of an organization. In the modern era, the business card is not limited to carrying the contact details of employers. This is a message from the company to viewers based on which customers will make their decision.

A designer should concentrate on creating an interesting design element for the card. In this industrial world, it is innovative and constructive to make an ecological card. Designers focus on many aspects to create a professional card such as VIP metal cards and eco-friendly cards.

A designer can make extensive use of good quality paper to print cards. Good quality paper allows designers to recycle cards for the future. However, creating business cards out of recycled paper does contain a quantity of chlorine.

The paper used must be chlorine-free and must also be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. These are two certifications that are responsible for monitoring sustainable forest management.

Another important factor that can promote a green environment is considering the quality of the ink used to print the cards. A designer can spread poisonous and vegetable inks. There are petroleum-based inks available that release large amounts of volatile organic compounds.

Creating Eco-Friendly Business Cards
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