Some Tips To Take Care Of Your Kitchen Blender

If you have an expensive blender in your kitchen, then you would surely want it to last for a longer period of time and give topmost performance every time it is used.

Taking Care Of Kitchen Blender

All blenders are different from each other in respect to design, quality and purpose. There are different types of blender available in the market like fruit blender, smoothie blender, etc.

In general, if you are having a jar blender that works on the power of 500 watts and above and has blades made up of stainless steel, it would fulfil almost every need from blending sauces to crushing ice.

No matter what kind of blender you are using, you have to keep following things in mind to keep it working in a good condition:

Kitchen Blender

Liquids First

Always remember to put a liquid in the jar, followed by chunks of soft fruits or berries, after that put chunks of harder fruits and veggies and in the last pour the ice cubes.

This will permit the blender to beat up the liquid creating a vortex thus pulling the chunky ingredients downwards just like in whirlpool. This would make the blending process easier, putting less stress on the blender’s blades.

Start with a low speed

Starting the blender at lowest speed will get the ingredients ripped into smaller pieces. Then slowly increase the speed until you get the desired consistency. Let the blender to achieve its full speed before changing the speed levels.

Types of Kitchen Blender

Always cover the lid with your hand

You must not forget to hold the lid down with one hand while blending, even if the lid is firm and tightly closed. Usually the blender vibrates while working and there are always chances that the lid may come off and create mess in your kitchen.

These were few useful tips that you must follow while handling your blender. For more tips, you may read related articles from the internet.