The Extinction Of Polar Bears

Everyone knows very well that the whole Arctic belt is going through some of its most severe climate changes, since its existence. As the Arctic is the habitat of polar bear, they are the ones who have been affected very badly with this drastic change.

The ice-packs upon which these animals reside are being melted away because of greenhouse gases, which is more commonly known as ‘Global Warming’. With the increase in temperature of the earth, these ice-packs are melted and broken down into big pieces making it difficult for the polar bears to find their food.

Polar Bears

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Lack of food makes the polar bears swim long distances, so as to hunt for their next meal. Wildlife conservationists have seen lots of polar bears drowning down because they just could not make it to the nearest ice flow.

As a result, these people have come up with a movement called ‘help save polar bears’ to make people aware of the condition of these adorable creatures. They are at the verge of extinction; now is the high time to get alarmed and take some measures.

Polar Bear Extinction

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Surveys have shown that the population of the polar bear is falling at an alarming rate. Fewer cubs are being found each year, which means that their reproductive cycle is also being affected. And now they are being starved to extinction.

To save the polar bear, we have to take certain steps. We must start thinking about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There is a need for some fuel alternatives, which could reduce the effects of global warming on mother earth.

Polar Bear Clothing

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It has to be not necessarily a big step, even wearing polar bear tee shirts can help to make people aware of this huge concern. It is us who have to join hands and fight against this problem collectively.

In the end, Global Warming is a very severe matter in today’s fast moving world and the leaders must take some measure to make the world a much better place to live in.