Send Messages To Your Loved Ones Before You Die

Usually, we don’t show our close ones that how much we truly love them and how much we admire some special person in our life or how valuable a relationship or friendship is to us. Have you ever wished to say goodbye to your loved ones or have you said everything you wanted to say before you die?

Imagine if you had a chance to say everything to your family and friends right now then what will you say to them, your messages allow you to convey your feelings and emotions to your loved ones.

And what if your loved ones could receive your messages after you die? Well with the growing technology now you can record your loving messages and keep in touch after death with your loved ones by using smartphone apps and services like my life imprint and many more.

These services and mobile apps have made it possible for you to uploads your videos, record audios, photos and text messages that will be keep stored and will be sent according to date you have chosen or after the death.

People go with regrets and incomplete wishes of expressing their love and affection towards their family, grandchildren, kids etc. Therefore, technology has developed something great that will help you in conveying your messages, advice and wishes to your closest ones.

Today you can express your feelings in digital ways. These services allow you to record your final wishes, messages for a time, It just takes a couple minutes to record moments that will last a lifetime.

Your messages will be kept private until you allow them to be revealed and your loved ones can only get to see your messages after you have passed away. To protect your messages there are some trustees who have access to forwarding these messages only.

They cannot read the content of the messages nor their addresses. Leaving your last messages and wishes is valuable and they should reach your loved ones.

So that they will get to know how much you love them and how important they are to you. Read this article it will tell you how valuable the last text message sent from your loved ones are and what they influence you.