What Is The Purpose Of The Cigar Humidor?

Cigar humidors have been in the market since the 18th century. A cigar humidor is a humidity controlled box used to store the cigars. Cigar aficionados always keep cigar humidors with them.

The reason behind this is that the cigars are sensitive to the ambient environment around them. If you keep the cigars in the open environment either they will soak the moisture from the air or get dried up. Therefore, it is necessary to store cigars in the humidor box.

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The first thing cigar lovers do is to buy humidor even before purchasing the cigars. The purpose of the cigar humidor is to provide the humidity controlled environment to the cigars. To do so, cigar humidors are made of a special type of the wood.

99% of the cigar humidors are made of Spanish cedar. This wood has a unique property of maintaining humidity inside the box. Spanish cedar helps to maintain 70% humidity inside the box which is perfect for storing cigars. It keeps the cigars fresh and ready to smoke.

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Spanish cedar also adds flavor and aroma to the cigars. It makes cigars more flavourful and enhances its tastes. Cigar humidors have numerous benefits. Cigar humidor also helps cigars from the sunlight.  

Cigar humidors are of different types based on the purpose they are intended for. You will find the cigar humidor as large as the size of the room or as small as the size of your pocket. It all depends on your need.

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If you are new to the world of cigars, the first thing you need is the cigar humidors. It is good to store cigar in the humidor box rather than using damp towels and plastic bags to store the cigar. You can also browse this website to know more about the cigar humidors.