Muay Thai Kickboxing: What Is It and How Is It Different From Traditional Kickboxing?

In the past few years, the game of Muay Thai kickboxing has become famous not only for those who are looking for MMA competition but also for those who are looking for great cardiovascular and other workout opportunities.

This type of kickboxing is considered as a unique type of martial arts, and while it is similar to the traditional form of kickboxing, this type of art form has a number of differences.

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Anyone who wants to learn Muay Thai kickboxing should have basic knowledge about this art and should also have knowledge about unique ways which makes it different from traditional kickboxing. This helps in having an informed decision on whether to choose this type of martial arts or not.

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It is imperative to have some basic understanding of Muay Thai kickboxing. The traditional form of this martial arts was established in Thailand over thousands of years ago; it has the specific style of self-defense and fighting techniques.

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Traditional kickboxing is a much broader term which comprises all types of Indochinese fighting techniques including Muay Thai.

The main difference between Muay Thai kickboxing and traditional kickboxing is that Muay Thai kickboxing makes use of “eight-points” fighting system while traditional kickboxing makes use of “Four points” fighting system.

In simple words, this means that Kickboxers using traditional kickboxing technique can just use their fists and feet while Muay Thai boxers can use knees, elbows, fists, and feet during a fight.

Another difference between both types of kickboxing is that Muay Thai allows grappling as a part of the fighting system but traditional kickboxing doesn’t allow grappling at all.

Muay Thai kickboxing also allows different attacking techniques than kickboxing with the main difference of attacking which is allowed below the waist such as the groin, shines or other areas below the waist which are banned in a traditional form of kickboxing. Explore the web to get more info on Kickboxing.

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The traditional form of kickboxing is considered as a most aggressive fighting form and self-defense style. It is typically taught as a sport while Muay Thai is more focused on self-defense.