How Can You Do Proper Denture Care?

Dentures play important role in your appearance as well as in your health. If you contain properly fitted dentures then it would help you to chew just like natural teeth. Not only this, your appearance that has been faded due to missing teeth will also get improved when you undergo denture implant.

Once these dentures are fitted in your mouth then during initial days you may feel awkward about it and also face some pain but after some time you will start feeling comfortable with it.


But these dentures want proper maintenance too. If these are not properly maintained then there is a possibility that it may get damaged after some period of time.

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Some keys to perform proper denture care

  •    Clean your dentures thoroughly

There is an urgent need to clean your denture properly and on a daily basis so as to avoid bad breath and feeling unhygienic.

Instead of cleaning dentures with normal toothpaste you should prefer pastes that are specially made to clean it as normal ones would not be found suitable enough and may also put some scratches on it.

After cleaning it thoroughly you will feel the freshness in your mouth and won’t feel unhygienic with it.

Denture Repair

  •    Store your dentures carefully

Permanent dentures are non-removable dentures if you are wearing it then you should not try to remove it as they are permanently fixed.

But, if you are wearing temporary dentures, then you should take out them carefully and store them properly.

These dentures should be kept moist, as when they are kept dry then their shape get spoiled and you won’t be able to wear them properly.

So it’s mandatory to store it by dipping in water overnight or some period of time to prevent it from getting dry.

  •    Wear it carefully

You shouldn’t wear it in a hurry as it may get damaged easily. It should be worn carefully and fit smoothly in your mouth.

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