Gift A Rose Bouquet With Correct Long-stem

Roses with long stems are a unique gift for any special occasion. Their graceful and beautiful appearance makes them the favourite of all. People prefer longer stems roses especially when they want to arrange them in a vase.

These long stems of the roses have helped to make these the favoured flower for suitable for any occasion that requires an appearance that is impressive.

Gifting A Rose

Most of all, these roses can be easily packed in a stylish floral box, adding a class to the rose delivery.

These long stemmed roses are specially grown and clipped so that each flower receives more amounts of nutrients. So, careful treatment is needed for their growth.

Rose BouquetSize of the stem

Some of the roses have a 6 feet tall stem. These long rose stems require special and tall vases that can give a remarkable look to any room.

If you have an arrangement that do not need extra space, you should go for shorter “long” stem roses, the one with 24″ to 36″ height.

Size of the bouquet

The next thing to consider is the total number of roses you wish to gift.

If you want to make an intense impression on the receiver, choose for sending one or even many dozen roses highlighted with foliage.

This kind of beautiful gesture can’t be ignored by anyone.

Color of the roses

Now you have to select the color of the roses that you would like to gift. Every color of a rose has a different meaning. The deep red rose signifies love, affection and loyalty.

Long Stemmed Roses

Pink is a color that can be gifted for thanking someone. Yellow means gladness, joy and friendship as and coral indicate a desire. You may also mix colors if you want to give more than one message to the recipient.

But before gifting any particular color of rose, do not forget to consider the recipient’s personal likes and dislikes. You may also add a message with you bouquet.