Everything You Need To Know For Killing Bedbugs

Bed bug bites can create a most terrifying discomfort and before we start how to kill a bedbug let us learn some facts about bed bug. A bedbug is a small insect that is oval in shape and its size is equal to the seed of an apple. A bedbug has to undergo 5 steps process to reach adulthood after these 5 step bedbugs become healthy and mature.

Bedbugs don’t have wings so they can be seen with naked eyes. They are brown reddish in color and the size of the healthy bedbug is 1/4th of an inch. If you find bedbugs in your home then you need not act impulsively to kill bed bugs.

Here are some tips about how to kill bedbugs:


Bug usually bites at night and they just don’t live in carpet, bed boxes; they can be in crevices of a property. So if you want to kill them you can kill them by vacuuming and washing the entire carpet area where a bed box can be found. You can wash your clothes with warm water with detergent this can help in killing bed bugs.

Vacuuming the entire carpet area can also help in killing the bed bugs but remember one thing bedbugs are relentless insects. So make sure you kill all the bedbugs because chances are they can reappear.

bed bugs

If you don’t want to kill bedbug by yourself then the best way to kill a bedbug is hiring the best pest control professional. They know how to kill a bedbug and what is the best weapon to kill a bedbug. so if you find any bed bug symptoms then consult a doctor and urgently hire a pest control professional.

A bedbug can live many years without any nourishment for their survival. They have rarely seen in the daylight and also they are a good traveler which can easily travel through our baggage. The most interesting thing about female bedbug is that it can lay eggs 3 times in their entire lifetime and each time they can give 300 eggs and that is way too much.

bed bugs

So these are some important tips to kill bedbugs if you find this interesting and want to learn more about it read the news here.  Always use eco-friendly products you need to get rid of bedbugs.