Emerald Cut Engagement Rings: The Best Option For Brides

The emerald cut engagement rings are best for the brides who are looking for something unusual and surprising. This is a stylish piece of diamond that looks out of the world without putting much burden on your pocket.

The best store to buy a sapphire and diamond ring Dublin is Bespoke Diamond. However, there are other stores as well, but you may select one carefully as it’s a matter in which huge investment and feelings are involved. As the name suggests, an emerald cut diamond is cut in the style that was traditionally used for emeralds.

Emerald Ring

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Emeralds are known for having some of the naturally occurring internal faults. These faults make the hard stones fragile, making the cutting task more challenging. To solve this problem a rectangular cut with cropped corners was used.

Emerald cut engagement rings reflects light more than the traditional round diamond rings. The smooth and long lines give the ring a more elegant and graceful look. Though emerald-cut rings look beautiful of every hand, if the fingers are long and tapered their beauty becomes divine.

Emerald cut rings are much cheaper than the traditional round diamond or any other type but not because they are less in quality but because they are not as commonly chosen. There is a huge difference between the cost of these rings and the other options available in the marketplace.

Sapphire Ring

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While purchasing these rings, you have to be careful about the quality. Since the cut is so open, any fault is much more visible. If you are interested in buying a traditional piece, you must search for a stone with a width to length ratio of 1.5:1.

The emerald cut diamond rings require a four-prong setting. They look best either with small accent stones or solitaires. As they are much cheaper than other diamonds cuts, you can afford to buy a stone of larger size. So, it’s a good choice for people having a limited budget.