Distortion and Overdrive Pedals For Guitar Enthusiast

Overdrive and distortion pedals are both known as gain pedals. These pedals can add an extra to your guitar tone, and in the means, they can also increase the volume a bit, if someone needs that.

Whether it’s referred to as dirt or grit – the concept is the same. There is one different type of gain pedal known as the fuzz pedal. But in my opinion, distortion pedals are the best as they offer a crunchy, tense type of gritty tone with plenty of sustain.

There are also overdrive pedals available in the market, but the one with the most famous is the Tube Screamer, by Ibanez. Today, there are many companies that are introducing cheap pedal board and pedals for guitar enthusiasts.

How to use distortion and overdrive pedals

Gain pedals can be used in many different ways. You can use it with an average gain setting through a wholesome amp tone in order to get the best gritty rhythm guitar sound.

You can even use it as a lift, with a low gain setting, however, the volume turned up by an already semi-dirty amp. However, if you have great amp distortion already, but looking for more crunches – look for a distortion pedal of your favorite and rock on the floor.

Moreover, you should try different variations and mixtures to find what interesting sounds you can get. There are no hard rules for how one should use overdrive pedal– as long as it seems good, you’re on the right path.

If you are considering about buying a pedal and don’t know where to start with, I would advise you go to a well-equipped music store or a reliable online store and ask to try a nice overdrive pedal, and also the best distortion pedal.

Have both of them tried up together and look out for all arrangements and settings. Find out what sound you like out of this equipment. Go here and know more how pedals can help to get the perfect guitar tone.