Different Type Of Alarm Monitoring

With the increase in the need for a security system installation, alarm system monitoring is a great option to go with. To rely on intervention from your neighbor to call the police is an unsafe option.

There are some people whose security burglar system is monitored by an Alarm Monitoring Company. This kind of protection gives peace of mind that someone keeping an eye on the home, family, business and cherished possessions.


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The company selected by you should provide you with 24-hour security monitoring. They should have a good network with cooperating security companies. This is because if they are unable to attend an intrusion alarm a security officer can respond on their behalf. There is a security alarm system for business also for the sake of security.  

The control room operators should be able to guide you on how to operate, change codes and reset the time of the alarm system.

The four common types of monitoring are:

Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)

This monitoring system is commonly known as a standard phone line. Here most of the alarm system is connected to an existing phone/fax line. This line sends a signal to the control room by making phone calls using the phone line.

Home or office security

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Global System for Mobile (GSM)

GSM is also known as the mobile phone network. In this system, mobile phone SIM Card is been used. A signal is sent to the control room through phone call using the mobile network.

Internet Protocol (IP)

Internet Protocol alarms are commonly known as Ethernet Monitoring. Here computer network is connected to the existing internet router or Ethernet with internet access. IP communicates with the control room through your internet connection.

Latest Videofied Monitoring or GPRS System

This is a wireless and self-powered alarm system that sends 10 seconds, video alarm verification to the monitoring center. Earlier it was used for military applications for verifying all alarm.

General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) Monitoring

GPRS is also known as Mobile Internet Network that uses mobile phone SIM Card to send signals to control room with the help of Mobile Internet.