What Are The Different Grades Of Cricket Willow?

Have you ever wonder why some cricket bats are expensive and some are cheaper? Here’s the answer, the whole game of cricket revolves around the willow of the bat. All cricket bats are made from the willow wood.

Cricket bats are made of two types of willow: English willow and Kashmir willow. Both types of willows have different properties. So the price of the bat depends on the quality of the willow.

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On visiting sports shops Melbourne, you will find different grades of the bat. If you are confused about the grading system of a cricket bat, check this guide to make your selection process easy:

Grade 1+ willow

This is the highest quality of the cricket willow you can buy. The blade of grade 1+ willow contains 8-12 straight and even grains. The wood is unbleached and blemishes free to the great extent.

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Grade 1 willow    

Second best cricket willow you can buy is the grade 1 willow. It consists of 6 straight but slightly broader grain structure. It is also made up of unbleached wood but it comes with minimum discoloration, unlike Grade 1+ willow. In early days, Grade 1 cricket bats are made only for the sponsored player but now it is available for everyone.

Grade 2 willow

Grade 2 willow is also considered as a good quality cricket bat. The wood is unbleached with minor blemishes. It has 6 straight grains on the face of the blade with the irregular grain pattern.

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Grade 3 willow

It has minimum 5 grains on the face of the blade. It does not affect the quality of the bat. But you will find more blemishes and irregular grains.        

Grade 4 willow

Cricket bat made from grade 4 is still good in the quality. It contains 4 grains on the blade and the wood is bleached as well.

You can also browse this website to know more about the different grades of the cricket bat.