Brief on 3D Holographic Projection Technology

Everybody wants their mobile phone to work like Star Wars holographic conferencing cell phone that may be possible. The latest technology may be a combination of spectral imaging and the holographic 3D projection, but user will not know or care where it started from.

How 3d hologram display technology is used these days?

With the use of the latest CGI animation, expert HD film techniques, HD projectors and unique effects created in the post-production, this Pepper’s Ghost technology has been updated to the 21st century.

Instead of real object or person’s reflection appearing on the plate of glass, high definition video and CGI animation are beamed directly onto uniquely designed, chemically treated transparent film through the high power HD projector.

What type of images can be projected as holograms?

Due to the latest approach of projecting CGI animations and pre-recorded footage, almost everything is possible. The blank canvas approach is usually adopted, creating a storyboard simply limited by an imagination. The storyboard can then be handed over to the CGI animation team who can make it come to life using a latest real hologram projector.

Real characters can be filmed giving a speech, performing dance or presentation for example and then be projected as 3D holograms. Holographic special effects can be combined in the post-production to make a life-like person beam into a room or have their product appear above their head at a click of their fingers.

These all questions have indeed provided the Online Think Tank to study deeper. Today one main company has designed a video projection mobile phone, the size of a brick, although the Moore’s Law will soon make that. You can also play a video on your phone on top of the 3D Hologram Video Projector for Smartphones.

So, there are Research and Development notes available for the next step, those very simple applications that are desired by the industry and customers alike.

In fact, the Star Wars Holographic conferencing Expedient is one main item that people need and would pay for that could quickly become a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry almost now.

Do visit this web link to find out to what level holograms have undergone changes and to what is their present status in the scientific world.