Best Luxury Castle Hotels For Couples To Stay In Ireland

Ireland has its own charm and beauty and if you are looking for something magical and unique for treating your loved one to spend some time in Ireland then nothing is better than booking an Irish castle hotel to stay in.

There are many castle hotels to choose from all over this beautiful country. Here are some lovely facts about Irish castle hotels that you may want to know about before considering:

Tower House Castle

This castle was built in the 16th century and located in the ancient city of Kilkenny in Southwest Ireland. This 5 story castle offers a treasure of amazing activities in its wonderful pubs and other local sites.

This historic castle has been now modified to its true glory using the same techniques and materials as that of the original 16th-century builders.

More Things To Know About This Castle:

You and your partner will have a great time in this castle and the five-star luxury collection at castle will amaze you with its wealthy and comfortable setup. Rooms of the castle are rich in quality and serve a freakish atmosphere.

The castle offers a charming self-catering service where you and your partner will have a memorable stay. Full cleaning and catering can be arranged according to guest’s demands.

This castle’s lights and the colorful ceiling is the center of attraction in the whole structure. Windows have deep angled beams which deflect the light very efficiently.

Coach House

The coach house is also a 16th-century castle magnificently situated with views over the green tree filled fields and it is a tiny castle hotel specially designed for family and couples.

It can comfortably accommodate 14-15 guests to stay in also, there are comfortable sofa beds placed in the bedroom that can take total capacity of 26 guests.

The family bedrooms have two double beds and also a loft room suitable for kids which can accommodate 4 members.

Irish castles hotels are known for their luxury accommodations and comfort, try this link for additional information about pricing, venues, and facilities of these castles.